The Dark Lord's Dragon

Background and Setting

The setting is somewhat Tolkien-esque: a group of "good peoples" arrayed against a dark lord, who mostly operates through his creatures. 

The adventure is to destroy a foul dragon who has taken over a dwarven fortress. You know that the dragon has minions who serve him and live in the fortress with him. You have a rough map of the fortress as it once was, but you're not sure how it's been changed. 

Player creation guidelines

  • Level: 17
  • Races & classes: any published material (including Volo's Guide).  Talk to me regarding Unearthed Arcana material.
  • Optional rules: Feats allowed; variant human allowed.
  • Magic items / equipment:

    • Permanent: 1 each of Legendary, Very Rare, Rare, Uncommon
    • Consumable: 1 Very Rare, 2 Rare, 3 Uncommon


The Dark Lord's Dragon

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